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Review: Understanding Paul by Stephen Westerholm

Understanding PaulSometimes we Christians will forget just how different our worldview can be to one on the outside looking in. Not only do we use unusual phrases, but we see everything differently. The created world has structure, order and even purpose that have all been disturbed by our sin and rebellion against our Creator. The actions of mankind are not merely personal, nor do they only affect others, but they are ultimately judged by an absolute moral standard. However, forgiveness and transformation is available for those who place their trust in Jesus the Messiah. It’s claimed that these ideas have been consistently held by the first Christians such as the apostle Paul. However, reading one of Paul’s letters may feel at times like entering another world filled with unusual and unexplained concepts. Stephen Westerholm understands and appreciates this culture shock that many experience when reading Paul, and so he has provided Understanding Paul as a “preface to his thought that addresses the gap between his horizons and [our] own (p11). Westerholm chooses to introduce Paul to his readers by way of tracing the flow of thought in Paul’s letter to the Romans.

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Paul and the Faithfulness of God: Chapter 1

Paul and the Faithfulness of GodWhere do I begin with Paul and the Faithfulness of God, the 1,700 page behemoth by N.T. Wright? How do I begin to review such a book? Considering factors such as its size, the difference in our views, and my own sheer busyness, why am I even taking the time to read this book? In this post I’ll address these questions and introduce the book and its first chapter.

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The Drama of Scripture

Drama of ScriptureEveryone is drawn to a good story, yet many are unfamiliar with the story that we actually live in! The Bible tells the true story of redemption, and authors Craig Bartholomew and Michael Goheen have attempted to bring a wider attention to this in their book The Drama of Scripture.

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