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Psalmcast #3: Jesus’ Bible

Context is king. So too for the Psalter. In this episode we look at Jesus’ Bible, known by Christians as the Old Testament. We examine how Jesus’ Bible differed to our own Old Testaments today and what this means for the Psalter.

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Review: Reversing Hermon by Michael Heiser

Though 1 Enoch is not in either Jewish or Christian canons, its ideas were highly influential in the first century. In fact, in Reversing Hermon, Michael Heiser argues that many of the details in the New Testament “can only be traced to 1 Enoch” (p2). Though Heiser is not alone in this claim, it will be a new idea to many and Reversing Hermon is an accessible presentation from an expert in the field of all things weird in the Bible.

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Psalmcast #2: The Psalter’s Intelligent Design

The Psalter is not simply Israel’s greatest hits on shuffle, it’s more like the first concept album. The Psalter is a carefully constructed collection and in this episode we consider 10 evidences of its intelligent design.

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Review: Colossians by Christopher Seitz (Brazos Theological Commentary)

The Brazos Theological Commentary series enlists “leading theologians [to] read and interpret scripture for today’s church, providing guidance for reading the Bible under the rule of faith.” The emphasis is upon a theological and unashamedly “Christian” interpretation. This pushes back against attempts for “objective” historical readings stripped of tradition. The choice of commentator is unique, such as philosophers, theologians and historians of varying traditions. The Colossians volume is by Christopher Seitz. Seitz an OT scholar with expertise on canonical reading of Scripture. The result is a fresh reading of Paul’s letter.

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Psalmcast #1: Psalms vs. Psalter

What’s in a name? When it comes to the Psalms, surprisingly, a lot. How we talk about the Psalter impacts the way in which we read it.

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Review: Messiah ben Joseph by David C. Mitchell

Messiah ben JosephRead carefully, for not all is as it seems. A son of Joseph will be the Messiah. He will begin by gathering a following in Galilee before journeying to Jerusalem, where he will be killed. A foreigner will then attack Jerusalem, take captives, and leave many to wander in the wilderness. But the Messiah ben David will descend in the clouds to Jerusalem and raise the Messiah ben Joseph, and others, from the dead. There will be a time of peace before Gog will arise against Jerusalem. The LORD will then destroy Gog and Death itself, and the nations will go up to Jerusalem to worship Yahweh.

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