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Reviewing Michael Kruger’s “The Question of Canon”

The Question of CanonLate last year, Michael Kruger released The Question of Canon, which asserts that the NT canon is not an invention of the church hundreds of years after Christ, but rather a natural and even expected development amongst the very earliest followers of Jesus.¬†The Question of Canon is a fairly short work (252 pages) with a precise focus. Kruger wants to rock the boat a little with those who see the NT canon as merely artificial and late in history; something that happened to the early Christian writings rather than something arising¬†from the character and nature of the writings themselves. Or in other words, were the NT documents called canon (the ‘extrinsic model’) or recognized to be canon (the ‘intrinsic model’)? Kruger doesn’t dismiss the truth or values to the extrinsic model, yet wants to reveal its prominent weaknesses and challenge its exclusivity amongst many scholars. This is much more than a work of apologetics but it certainly has apologetic ramifications.

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Michael Kruger’s Lectures on the Canon of Scripture

I just finished listening to these wonderful lectures on the New Testament canon of Scripture and would recommend them to anyone. The middle lectures were particularly fantastic. If you think that questions regarding the canon basically consist of, “how do we know that we have the right books of the Bible?” or “who decided on the canon?” then you’ll be surprised by the depth of insight that Kruger brings the topic.

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