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Practices of Power: Introduction

Practices of PowerChrist’s victory over the forces of darkness was a regrettably neglected topic in my own Christian heritage and I suspect that my experience is symptomatic of a larger trend in evangelicalism. It’s not necessarily the case that we disbelieve in spiritual beings (in fact, I suspect we talk more about them in Calvary Chapel circles than some others), it’s just that I hadn’t always put together all the pieces, particularly the significance of Jesus’ death, resurrection, ascension, and return as a story of victory. All this to say that when I saw Moses’ Practices of Power on the Fortress Press website, I knew I would need to check it out.

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Review: The Vine and the Son of Man by Andrew Streett

The Vine and the Son of ManAn entire 232-page book on one 19-verse Psalm? If that sounds unbearably dull then you may be surprised. The Vine and the Son of ManAndrew Streett’s revised doctoral dissertation reproduced through Fortress Press’ Emerging Scholars series – is a prime example of the cornucopia of fruits one can reap from a close and careful study of the Word. Streett plumbs the depths of the oft-overlooked Psalm 80, paying a close attention to how it became interpreted eschatologically and messianically in the completed Psalter, the OT, Second Temple literature, and the NT.

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