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Practices of Power #1 Baptism

Practices of PowerAs I mentioned in my introduction, I’m working through Robert Ewusie Moses’ book on Paul’s prescribed practices in regards to powers and principalities, Practices of Power. This is the first post and the first practice is baptism.

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The Jewish Trinity by Michael Heiser (Logos Mobile Ed)

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working through Michael Heiser’s The Jewish Trinity and posting snippets as I go, but in this post I will give some concluding thoughts and review the whole enchilada.

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Practices of Power: Introduction

Practices of PowerChrist’s victory over the forces of darkness was a regrettably neglected topic in my own Christian heritage and I suspect that my experience is symptomatic of a larger trend in evangelicalism. It’s not necessarily the case that we disbelieve in spiritual beings (in fact, I suspect we talk more about them in Calvary Chapel circles than some others), it’s just that I hadn’t always put together all the pieces, particularly the significance of Jesus’ death, resurrection, ascension, and return as a story of victory. All this to say that when I saw Moses’ Practices of Power on the Fortress Press website, I knew I would need to check it out.

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The Second Yahweh

mobile-ed-ot291-the-jewish-trinity-how-the-old-testament-reveals-the-christian-godheadI’m working through Heiser’s The Jewish Trinity (other posts) Logos Mobile Ed course. Having laid a foundation that monotheism is compatible with divine plurality, Heiser now turns to argue for plurality within Yahweh Himself. Heiser claims that Judaism once believed in a Godhead, but rejected the doctrine as heretical late in the first century, in response to the claims of Christianity. For many (including myself) this no doubt comes as a shock.

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The Sons of Israel or the Sons of God? (Deuteronomy 32:8)

We’re working our way through Michael Heiser’s Logos Mobile Ed Course The Jewish Trinity (other posts). One major step in Heiser’s argument is in explaining that the Old Testament teaches a council made up of Yahweh and other elohim, otherwise known as the divine council. It may be surprising to many that such an idea is found in the Scriptures, but for Heiser this neglected truth can assist in Jewish evangelism. Recognizing divine plurality in the OT helps clear the ground for plurality within YHWH Himself.

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How Do I Respond to a Jewish Objection to the Trinity?

Central to Judaism is monotheism: the belief in only one God. Christians claim to hold this belief too, but sometimes are accused of inconsistency with our doctrine of the Trinity. Can God be one but three? However, what if the Old Testament itself teaches divine plurality?

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