Calvary Chapel recently hosted a Pastor’s Conference at Murietta this past June. I had been directed to this panel featuring pastors Greg Laurie, Bob Coy, and Brian Brodersen discussing various issues and thought I should share it. Pastor Chuck Smith adds his thoughts on his ‘replacement’ near the end of the video.

[vimeo w=500&h=275]

Here’s a breakdown of the video’s contents.

  • 00:00 Multi-site services
  • 10:25 The keys to a successful Multi-site
  • 12:10 Having influences outside Calvary Chapel
  • 24:27 New Calvinism and Mark Driscoll
  • 35:52 Social Justice
  • 41:08 Where is Calvary Chapel going as a movement? (including discussion as to Pastor Chuck Smith’s ‘replacement’)

What I took away from this discussion was the desire that these men have towards not missing out on what God is doing and staying focused on Him. It was also encouraging to hear them exhorting Calvary pastors to be grateful for what God is doing in Calvary, but also to be willing to learn from others, while also not straying from the commission to preach the Gospel.