My name is Lindsay Kennedy and I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. My life’s aim is to make much of Him with all He has given me.

I’ve been married to the beautiful Natasha since 2011. She’s a perfect life-partner; we’re one of those couples who prefer to do virtually everything together.

We have three children: Elizabeth (born 2013), Whitfield (born 2014), and Collette (born 2015).

Though Tasha is American and I’m Australian, we met in England, where we lived together for 6 years, serving at Calvary Chapel Bible College York, England. We are now living in Washington (USA). I am the publicist for Lexham Press and am a student at Western Seminary.

Tasha is an artist. She has released three books: Reklas Abandon, a satirical minimalist graphic novel; Where I Go When I Sleep, an imaginative children’s book; and Maia of the Forest, a narrative coloring book for all ages. Check out her Patreon page and her website/portfolio.

I love music and am a recovering music snob. I played electric guitar on my friend Neil Livingston’s album All My Springs.

My biggest hobby also happens to be my “job:” loving, studying, and teaching the Bible. I relish every outlet and opportunity I get to teach God’s word.

Why I Blog and Podcast

I have long wanted to attend seminary, but have not had the opportunity until coming to WA and attending Western Seminary (which I have loved).

In my years in the UK, I was too busy and poor to attend school, so my wife encouraged me that a cheaper and more flexible option was self-study with some of the best teachers: books and the many free resources out there! This is what first provoked my blog and its title when I started it back in 2012. This blog began as an outlet for free resources, book reviews, and my own developing thoughts.

Since then, I aim to transform the site into a platform for my own teaching content: hosting podcasts like Beyond Reading the Bible and Psalmcast, resources like study guides, and (of course) book reviews.