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Tag: Prophecy

Review: The Birth of the Trinity by Matthew Bates

Birth of the TrinityG. K. Chesterton tells the tale of of a man who sails out to discover a new land, only to mistakenly return to England and proceed to plant a British flag in this apparently virgin land. For Chesterton, this allegory captures the adventure of discovery and the familiarity of home. I suspect when studying for The Birth of the Trinity, Matthew Bates had a similar experience to Chesterton’s Englishman, as I certainly did when reading his book.

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Continuity and Discontinuity #3: Hermeneutics

Continuity and DiscontinuityThis is part three of an ongoing review of Continuity and Discontinuity edited by John S. Feinberg and published by Crossway. Read part one or part two.

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Symposium on Revelation

Symposium on Revelation

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