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Is Romans 7 About Immature Christians? (Grant Osborne)

Perspectives on Rom 7Does Romans 7 describe the experience of the believer? This is a very popular reading of the passage and also what Grant Osborne argues for in Perspectives of Our Struggle with Sin.

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Identifying the “I” of Romans 7

Romans chapter 7 is a treasured section of a treasured letter. The depiction of Paul in turmoil, struggling to honor God’s Law stands as a comforting testament to the plight that every believer faces. Or does it? What if this is not the correct interpretation? In teaching through Romans, I get the twisted joy of ruining this passage for my students! Not really; in fact, that’s exactly what I try to avoid doing to them. However, it’s unavoidable that they would be unsettled a little when a beloved text is challenged. What is really going on here? In the next few posts, we will use B&H’s Perspectives of Our Struggle with Sin as our guide to interpretations of this knotty chapter. In this post, I will introduce the options and the scholars that argue for them.

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Review: Grant Osborne, Romans (IVPNTC)

Grant Osborne RomansGrant Osborne is professor of New Testament at TEDS and a prolific commentator, offering well-received work on Revelation and Matthew, with Mark coming this year in the new Teach the Text series. His commentary for Romans in the IVP New Testament Commentary series (IVPNTC) is also very popular. Having just taught through Romans and worked through Osborne’s commentary, I can see why.

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The Structure of Romans: A Comparison of Commentaries

I thought it would be interesting to compare the different ways various commentaries structure Paul’s letter to the Romans. I’m only working with the commentaries I have access to, so this is not a comparison of the major commentaries by any means. Secondly, I’m only giving the basic outline; some commentaries have very detailed outlines but I’m just giving the big picture they present, or this post would become unwieldy very quickly! Then I’ll offer a few observations about the similarities and differences.

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How I’m Studying Romans

I mentioned earlier that I’m studying Romans, Biblical Greek, and the Law as my digital seminary topics for now. I thought I would share how I’m approaching each of these for anyone interested in doing something similar.

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September Review Books

I’m going to be focusing my reviews for the next months on Romans and the Law, so here are the books I received from Lutterworth Press and IVP UK.

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