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Tag: Amillennialism

Review: High King of Heaven by Dean Davis

The-High-King-of-HeavenIt is said that religion should never be discussed at dinner parties. For a party of Christians, perhaps eschatology would substitute.  There is nothing quite like eschatology, a complicated and controversial topic, to ruin potential unity. Conviction and confidence are inadequate; this discussion cannot survive without humility. This needed humility is striking in Dean Davis’ The High King of Heaven. Davis begins, “as fools long to play Hamlet, so I longed to write a short definitive book on biblical eschatology. I blush to present you with the results” (xiii). This is no doubt due to the fact that this sentence appears in a 700+ page book! However, Davis has achieved something quite remarkable here, in that The High King of Heaven is an astoundingly amiable and accessible book on eschatology.

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The Importance of Eschatology

Eschatology. For some, it is the icing on the cake of theology; they can’t get enough. Others roll their eyes at the thought of wild-eyed theories, bearded bomb-shell-dwellers, zombie apocalypses, and so on. However, eschatology is important. Rather than simply futile speculation about future events, Biblical eschatology reflects the saving activity and purposes of God.

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Lectures on Different Millennial views

It’s good for us as students of the Word to seek to best understand those whom we disagree with. Unfortunately this seems to be a particular weakness with the subject of eschatology, with the different views on the Millennium often being misrepresented or misunderstood.

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Why Sam Storms left Premillennialism

Kingdom Come

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