Schreiner RomansThis wonderful book just arrived in the mail yesterday for review, thanks to SPCK Publishing! This is Tom Schreiner’s Romans commentary in the excellent BECNT series.

In September I will begin an indepth study on Romans with – would you believe – Doug Moo! That’s right, the very Doug Moo who has authored the best commentary on Romans. This one, #2, will be a helpful supplement.

This is part of my digital seminary experience, and now that I’m quitting my job to go full-time at Calvary Chapel Bible College York, I will be fitting in more time to pursue my own studies, beginning with Romans.

So how am I studying with Doug Moo? Thanks to Biblical Training, an entire 41-lecture D.Min. seminar is available to watch online for free.

Thank God for free theological training!

Expect more in the near future on how I’ll be structuring my self-study seminary.

On a related note, I am looking for one more Romans commentary, preferably something from a different perspective and less technical, to round out my study. I’m trying to decie between Craig Keener’s in the NCC series and Grant Osborne’s in the IVPNTC. Any recommendations would be highly welcome!