Seminary professor David Murray (blog) interviewed a Presbyterian pastor friend in Scotland about the spiritual state of the country. I’d encourage anyone who has a heart for Scotland to read this first-hand report and see how we can better pray for the Lord to move.

A few of the more sobering questions:

11. Do most of those who are raised in the church remain in the church?
No, in the last 10-15 years many (probably the majority) have left.  Churches are declining in number all over.

16. Where do you think it is headed?
Well, humanly speaking it is going down and in many cases the candlestick is being removed.  That sounds pessimistic but it is more the reality.  I think that unless the better churches can work together then we have a big problem.  There are some pockets of good news here and there, but the general picture is bleak.

Find the report here.