I’m going to be focusing my reviews for the next months on Romans and the Law, so here are the books I received from Lutterworth Press and IVP UK.

Lutterworth Press

Keener: RomansI received Craig Keener’s Romans commentary in the New Covenant Commentary Series from Lutterworth Press. I’ll explain why I chose this commentary in an upcoming post. This is the first time I have contacted Lutterworth for a review book, and they have been very helpful and kind. They even sent over a high quality jpeg of the book cover, something that can be hard to find at times! I hope to work with Lutterworth again in the near future.

Here’s the product link and Amazon link.





I’ve worked with IVP UK a number of times now and they’ve always been excellent. They sent over Grant Osborne’s Romans commentary in the IVP New Testament Commentary Series and Brian Rosner’s Paul and the Law in the New Studies in Biblical Theology series. As you can imagine, I’m ecstatic to read these! Brian Rosner lectured on this book (see below) and it was excellent.



Many thanks to IVP and Lutterworth press for this opportunity (that never gets old) of reviewing these books. Stay tuned for my reviews.