Just a quick post on some books I recently received for review.

High Definition Commentary: Romans by Steven Runge (Logos Bible Software)

I get to teach Romans again this semester and I’m thrilled! This time around I wanted to focus a little more on the flow of thought and communicating it to my students through PowerPoints and such. Runge’s Romans commentary for Logos seemed like it was made for me! Runge wants to do something different in this commentary and narrowly focuses on the flow of Paul’s argument. Also, the commentary includes a ton of easily exportable images that illustrate main points in the letter. I’m up to Romans 2 this week and so far the commentary has been excellent.

Paul’s Letter to the Romans (Pillar) by Colin Kruse (IVP UK)

I wanted to use a more traditional and substantial commentary along with Runge’s, and Kruse’s seemed a natural choice as I love the Pillar series, Kruse is concise, has helpful excursus, and is more recent than other classics like Schreiner and Moo.

God Dwells Among Us by G. K. Beale and Mitchell Kim (IVP UK)

This is a condensed and adjusted version of Beale’s influential academic work The Temple and the Church’s Mission. I look forward to seeing just how much content is shared between the books, what (if anything) is new, and how they make this content more accessible.

A New Heaven and a New Earth by J. Richard Middleton (Baker Academic)

Though many are emphasizing the very physical nature of our future, Middleton has devoted an entire book to this topic, tracing the theme throughout the entire Bible and giving space to address objections and difficult passages. I look forward to comparing this with Beale’s similar work above.

Commentary on Hebrews (Biblical Theology for Christian Proclamation) by Thomas Schreiner (B&H)

Thomas Schreiner is an excellent scholar and commentator, and this is the flagship in a new commentary series that focuses on Biblical Theology and integrating the given book with the entire canon, so this was not a difficult choice!

Many thanks to Faithlife, IVP UK, Baker Academic, and B&H for providing copies of these books in exchange for a review.