I used to walk a good 40 minutes round-trip to my job and to redeem the time I’d listen to a sermon or theological podcast and have built up a list of recommendations.  I don’t agree with everything said, but these are informative and thought-provoking.

Unbelievable?Unbelievable with Justin Brierley

Unbelievable is a truly excellent podcast – and it’s hosted on Premier Christian radio, here in the UK! It is devoted to allowing Christians and unbelievers (or other Christians!) a platform to discuss various issues relevant to the Christian faith. Topics are extremely vast and range from Bart Ehrman’s latest book, to Christadelphianism, to the nature of hell. The guests are top-notch – often among the best in their field- and Justin Brierley is a seasoned host and does an outstanding job driving the discussions, keeping them on track, and allowing everyone a chance to speak.

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Recommended episodes

Honestly, there are too many to recommend! I certainly remember enjoying the discussion on eschatology (preterist, dispensational, and liberal), the recent discussion on Mormonism, and the talks with Bart Ehrman. Most recently, the debate with Al Mohler and Chris Date on hell was a real highlight worth listening to a few times. But now that I’ve just neglected dozens of other episodes, it’s better just to subscribe to the podcast and have a look through the extensive archives yourself!

Other recommended podcasts.