The other day I was discussing Paul’s letter to the Romans with fellow CCBCY teacher Randy McCracken (who teaches OT and Romans here), and the merits (or lack thereof) of the New Perspective on Paul came up. His comments were insightful and encouraged me to brush up on the issues again. I found two great resources (albeit not new) that I’d recommend.

9 Marks interview with Simon Gathercole

I found a great interview with Simon Gathercole and Peter Williams (both professors at Aberdeen University at the time).

I’d highly recommend this as Gathercole and Williams are great British evangelical scholars, and the interview was quite entertaining to listen to (even if you’re not as much of a Biblical Studies nerd as me) because Dever has great humour and keeps things moving. As always, Dever asked some great penetrating questions and many of the core issues were addressed with a pastoral tone.

Here’s the link to 9 Marks.

D. A. Carson at RTS

If you want to go in deeper, I’d highly recommend three lectures that D. A. Carson gave at RTS. Carson is a leading New Testament scholar and his summaries are extremely helpful and clear. He discusses the history of the movement, its key players, the issues involved, and then gives an exegetical response.

The lectures can be downloaded from the RTS iTunes u.