when I receive review books I do a post to let readers know what’s ahead and why I chose these particular books, but it also serves as a way to both thank and stay accountable to the publishers. So here’s what I’ve gotten in the past few weeks.

What is Biblical Theology?What Is Biblical Theology? by James Hamilton Jr.

I got this back in September but only just got around to posting about it. I’ve benefited greatly from everything I’ve read or listened to from Dr. Hamilton (one can find a lot of free audio online), so it should be no surprise I would get this book. What’s more, the subject matter of this book was interesting to me – to read the Bible as the Biblical authors themselves did. I have an interview with Hamilton further down the page and expect my review tomorrow.

I received this from Crossway via Netgalley.

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Understanding PaulUnderstanding Paul by Stephen Westerholm

Stephen Westerholm is a scholar known for hisĀ writing. This man has a real gift and is a joy to read. Understanding Paul is an introduction to Paul and the Christian worldview by way of surveying the book of Romans. If it sounds like Westerholm is trying to do too many things at once, in 168 pages what’s more, don’t worry. He somehow pulls it off. Since I’m studying Romans I thought this book might give some interesting insights and it certainly did that. I actually just finished this book so expect a review in the next weeks.

I received this from SPCK (UK), who work with Baker Academic (US).

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Paul and the Faithfulness of GodPaul and the Faithfulness of God (Fortress)Paul and the Faithfulness of God by N.T. Wright

At over 1,600 pages, I keep thinking I might have made a mistake by asking for this! However, as a Bible College teacher particularly interested in Paul and his world and theology, I thought I’d better take the plunge since is a very important book in Pauline scholarship. Is it too early to call it a classic? I expect many were thinking so even before it was released. I expect to feel a wide range very strong emotions while reading this book, Wright tends to bring that out in me. However, I know that I will benefit.

It gives me relief that this book is made up of four individual parts, and that I plan to review it gradually, as I am with Continuity and Discontinuity. This is the only way I can hope to review a book like this, and it also allows me to take my time. Expect sporadic summaries and reviews!

I received this book from SPCK (UK).

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As always, it is a blessing and honour to be able to do this. I thank the publishers for this opportunity and hope that my reviews and interactions with these books will be profitable in the service of the church.