I just finished up teaching Introduction to Theology at CCBCY. Our required reading was Mike Reeves’ Delighting in the Trinity (USA title) otherwise known as The Good God (UK title). I wanted a book that got the students thinking but was also doxological and enjoyable to the students who wouldn’t have chosen to take Theology, but were in it only because it was required to graduate! I reviewed the book here, but thought you might like to see my student’s thoughts on the book.

I had 38 students but not all gave their feedback. Here’s the numbers of students that answered accordingly.


So it was a hit! I personally heard from a number of students that they a) enjoyed the book greatly, b) found it very thought provoking, and c) were challenged by it.

As I said in my review, Reeves is a great communicator and his writing is both penetrating and very enjoyable. I’d highly recommend his book for College-aged students, even those not particularly interested in Theology.

Here’s a link to the book. (If you buy it through me I get a percentage!)