The last book I was waiting for in the mail arrived on Wednesday, so I thought I’d share my latest acquisitions. Here are some more new books from March.

In order from top to bottom:

The first three are from Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. They offer free books that have been donated for missionaries and I found these gems in their constantly updating list. Though I’ve read it before, I thought it would’ve handy to have a copy of the Distinctives (it’s available online too, here’s a PDF). I was surprised to see Hamilton’s book on the Spirit here, and I’ve wanted to read it for ages now.

The next two are from Baker Book House Church Connection. They host regular giveaways on their blog and the Lord has been good to me; I won two of their giveaways. Both of these look to be great.

The last is from a Zondervan giveaway on their Koinonia blog. I’m particularly blessed to have won this since so many people entered, and I have hesitated buying this before because of the cost.

None of these were review copies! Though of course I do plan to review most of them here.

The Lord really is blessing me with free resources for my ‘digital seminary’! In particular, the Augustine book will help me better understand an important figure in church history, and I’ll begin studying Greek quite heavily in the near future (along with the companion Workbook, which I suppose I’ll have to get the old fashioned way).