Mobile Ed LogoI am delighted to report that through a surprising turn of events, I will be reviewing some of  Logos’ new Mobile Ed courses! Judging by the upcoming course list, this entire venture looks to be high-quality; unsurprisingly so, coming from Logos.

Reviewing Logos Mobile Ed

Those who are aware of the many free theological resources online (hopefully finding many through my blog!) may wonder how Mobile Ed will compare. As an immediate example, when I first looked into the Mobile Ed courses I thought to myself: why pay for Doug Moo teaching Romans through Logos when we can get him teaching Romans for free at BiblicalTraining? If you feel similarly, then you have a valid concern that will be addressed as I work through the material.

The Course(s)

I will be reviewing John Walton’s two-course bundle on Old Testament Background, which consists of a survey of OT genres and walk through Gen 1-3. Together, they make up 8 hours of video content. Here’s a promo video for the second course.

My plan is to work through Old Testament Genres first. We won’t merely be reviewing the content of the course, but also the experience: my own impressions, the course’s integration with Logos, and the overall value for those who are self-studying like me. At the moment, I expect the series of posts on Old Testament Genres will look something like this:

  • Introducing Logos Mobile Ed and the course (this post)
  • The videos
  • The additional material (workbook, tests)
  • The content of the lessons themselves

The review will be both of Walton’s course specifically, and the Logos Mobile Ed product generally. When it comes to the second course – Origins of Genesis 1-3 – my review will most likely be shorter and focused on the content, not needing to retread the same ground. I also think I’ll be reviewing a third course in the near future (one that I’m very excited about), but more on that later!

John Walton: Old Testament Genres

Mobile Ed Walton - OverviewOld Testament Genres is four hours of content split into 42 video segments with lengths ranging from 30 seconds to 9 minutes. The videos are grouped into 6 units, listed below:

  • Unit 1: Foundations
  • Unit 2: Genres – Law
  • Unit 3: Genres – Narrative
  • Unit 4: Genres – Prophetic and Apocalyptic
  • Unit 5: Genres – Wisdom and Psalms
  • Unit 6: Theology and Faith

Supplementing the videos is the textbook, which includes the following:

  • Mobile Ed Walton - TextbookLinks to the video segments
  • Learning objectives per video segment
  • A (searchable) transcript of the lectures
  • Required reading (with links to other books in Logos). Some resources will be unavailable depending on ones’ Logos package
  • Quizzes at the end of each unit

Well, that’s it for now. I’m thrilled to be working through these courses, and hope that the reviews are helpful. In the next post, we’ll take a look at the videos.