Joel WingoA few weeks back I posted the last parts of an interview with CCBC teacher Joel Wingo on the book of Job. I thought it would be helpful to re-post the three parts in one post so they are easier to find. Joel is a great guy and popular teacher at Calvary Chapel Bible College Murietta and I was encouraged and inspired by this interview. I hope it will be a blessing and helpful resource for anyone who wants to study this fascinating book.


Interview with Joel Wingo on the Book of Job

Here are the three parts of our interview:

  • Part 1, where Joel introduces the book of Job and why he loves it.

Instead of asking, “What does this book teach us about God and ourselves, about His purposes and ours?” we are more interested in knowing, “Did dinosaurs live with humans?”, “How can I avoid this kind of suffering?”, or “So, why does God allow evil?”

  • Part 2, where big-picture interpretation issues are discussed, such as de-creation and Joel’s proposal that the entire book of Job can be seen following a chiastic structure.

I don’t know if I read something that mentioned the chiastic structure of Job, but I hadn’t seen it outlined this way before. It felt like a very exciting discovery, and it really helped me get a better grasp on the book as a whole.

  • Part 3, where Joel recommends some books and offers concluding applicational thoughts

Life cannot be reduced to any formula that makes God predictable and tame, such as the “retribution principle”. Instead I need to live in a way that recognizes his immensity, wisdom and power, and entrust myself to His loving-kindess (Job 26:14; 42:12a).