Gordon Fee has provided one of the best commentaries on Philippians. This is not just my opinion, as it’s #2 on Best Commentaries! Fee has a wonderful mix of top-level scholarship and deep pastoral wisdom and application, which is often lacking in scholarly commentaries.

Here’s a link to his NICONT commentary, which I hope to review soon. I’ve not used his IVP commentary on Philippians, but for those who want something shorter and without some of the scholarly discussion, I’d highly recommend it.

At Calvary Chapel Bible College York I am just about to begin teaching Philippians today and am very excited. On my way to work this morning I re-listened to a lecture Gordon Fee delivered at the 2005 National Vineyard Conference. I was very impressed with Fee’s ability to not sound like a scholar (I mean that as a compliment). He’s very lively and passionate, perhaps it’s owing to his Pentecostalism, but I’d say it’s his passion for Christ showing through.

I’d highly recommend these free devotional lectures on Philippians for a great mix of scholarly and devotional teaching on a great (but often misunderstood) letter. He somehow manages to capture most of the main points in a passage while not getting bogged down.

MP3 Lectures in Philippians

Thanks to Search the Scripture for bringing these to my attention originally.