I’m very pleased to announce that my blog has now moved from it’s original location (mydigitalseminary.wordpress.com) to a new home: mydigitalseminary.com. I feel so much more professional now!

So what’s new?

Not a lot, but after a short Christmas break I will continue to do what I’ve been doing all along. I hope to keep producing quality content: book reviews, original content, and links to free theological resources.

  • There is a new fancy theme and a new Book Reviews page.
  • I will be teaching a new class this Spring at Calvary Chapel Bible College York, so expect to have some related posts and maybe a new series when the time comes.
  • I plan to add many more helpful resources and links at the Free Resources page; I haven’t even scratched the surface with that yet.
  • More book reviews will be coming, and a few giveaways are in the works.

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