Fred Zaspel just posted his review/reflections on Gentry and Wellum’s Kingdom Through Covenant  over at the Credo Mag website.

Zaspel reflects on KtC’s discussions on unconditional covenants, the Edenic covenant, the land promise, and limited atonement.

This adds to the list of high-profile reviews we’ve seen already from Doug Moo, Darrell Bock, and Mike Horton through the Gospel Coalition. It’s been great to see this book analyzed by Bible scholars – there have been a wide variety of reactions to the author’s claim to present a via media between Covenant Theology and Dispensational Theology. In each case, the authors (Gentry and Wellum) have responded, which has helped keep the discussion going on this book.

  • See Zaspel’s post here
  • See Gentry and Wellum‘s reply to Zaspel

The earlier reviews hosted by The Gospel Coalition:

  • Michael Horton (Representing a Covenant Theology viewpoint)
  • Darrell Bock (Representing a Dispensational viewpoint)
  • Douglas Moo (Representing a view probably closest to that of the authors)
  • Author’s response (The authors: Peter Gentry and Stephen Wellum then had a chance to respond)