Well, it’s been a number of weeks since I’ve posted any new reviews and I constantly thought I would fix that, but here we are still! There has been a “perfect storm” of sorts in our life right now: having moved house in September, having our second child in October, being in the middle of a semester at CCBCY, and having a sudden (and providential) surge of IT jobs that I do in my “spare time” to bring in extra income.

This has left me with a pile of books that I have read in the past few months, but not yet reviewed (it’s easier to squeeze a page in between changing nappies/diapers than writing reviews!).

8 books, to be exact, with 4 more not yet (or partially) read.

Choose Your Own Adventure

This is where you come in. I figure I may as well ask my readers which books I should review first. It’s a choose your own adventure, of sorts:

  • Various – From Creation to New Creation
  • Youngblood – Jonah (Hearing the Message of Scripture)
  • Quarles – The Illustrated Life of Paul
  • Quarles – A Theology of Matthew
  • Hamilton – With the Clouds of Heaven (NSBT)
  • Rydelnik – The Messianic Hope
  • Macleod – Christ Crucified
  • Wilson – Unbreakable

If you care to see one of these reviewed first, please comment below and I’ll see what I can do!