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May Review Books

May 2014 Review BooksWith CCBCY semester finished, Tasha, Isa and I are all in visiting our family in Washington. A trip to the USA always includes new books, and here are the first fruits that were waiting for me when we arrived. Thanks to Alban, Fortress Press, and Hendrickson for providing review copies of the below books.

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March Review Books

How God Became Jesus Became GodIt’s On!

Many thanks to HarperCollins UK and Kuperard for providing review copies of Ehrman’s How Jesus Became God and Bird’s (and co.) How God Became Jesus.

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February Review Books

Recieved: Jesus the MessiahMany thanks to Alban books in the UK and Kregel publishers for sending a copy of Jesus the Messiah by Bateman, Bock, and Johnston. I look forward to reviewing this as some homework for my Christ & the Cross class that I hope to do again next semester.

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Family Portraits by Randy McCracken

Family PortraitsMy good friend and fellow teacher at Calvary Chapel Bible College York, Randy McCracken, has just released a book resulting from his 10+ years teaching 1 & 2 Samuel called Family Portraits: Character Studies in 1 and 2 Samuel. This book has a unique blend of academic rigour and devotional warmth. Unlike many character studies, it is firmly grounded in the text and insights spring from in-depth study (rather than imagination and/or speculation).

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January Review Books

January Review BooksThis post is long overdue, since I’ve read and written reviews of both Dominion and Dynasty and Paul and Judaism Revisited! But I like to a) keep readers up to date, and b) keep publishers in the loop with the books that I’ve received so that everything is above board.

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December Review Books

Romans Marvin PateAs I’m teaching Romans next semester at CCBCY (Feb 2014) I asked for one final commentary, that is, Marvin Pate’s Romans commentary in the Teach the Text series.

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