The Man Christ JesusMy first giveaway has just finished. Congratulations to Andrew King, who won The Man Christ Jesus by Bruce Ware!

Thank you to everyone who participated and spread the word about this. I’m excited for this book to get more exposure.

You can read my thoughts on the book here: The Man Christ Jesus.

Here’s some things I’ve learned from my first giveaway:

  1. Two weeks is too long. Before I did this giveaway I looked into what people recommend, and thought two weeks to sign up sounded like a good idea. Instead it felt like a real drag, so maybe a week is more reasonable.
  2. PunchTab is great. At least, my experience was a good one. Did anyone have any issues with using it?

I’ve got two other giveaways in the works so be sure to keep checking back for them to be announced.