Hello everyone, I’m coming out of my semi-retirement of blogging to mention this project that’s very dear to my heart. As long as I’ve known my wife Natasha she was working on this graphic novel series. After over a decade of plotting, drawing, and redrawing, the first volume is finally done!

This is a fantasy story with adventure and symbolism. I call it Tasha’s “Lord of the Rings,” with which she is too humble to agree. While I almost exclusively post on biblical things, the reality is that this book pulls in a ton of biblical symbolism that we’ve discussed over the years—all in support of a really fun and meaningful story.

It would mean so much to me if you considered supporting and/or sharing her Kickstarter project. Every dollar and share counts!

Here is her Kickstarter.

About Tempest

“A beautiful mixture of illustration and prose.” 
— Jason Brubaker, creator of reMIND and Sithrah

This first volume of Tempest begins an epic fantasy story. A principled but self-doubting prince, a listless elf, and a desensitized millennial all find their realities flipped upside down. One is tested. One is enchanted. One is abducted. Each get caught up in events larger than themselves and must find a way through the chaotic storm.

Featuring adventure, rich symbolism, and mind-bending cosmology stretching across three worlds, Tempest is a story for all lovers of fantasy and all seekers of meaning.