IMG_0251I think there are few things cooler than owning a Greek New Testament (or does that just show how much of a dork I am?). But even cooler than owning a Greek NT is being able to read it. If you’re going to study Greek, I say you should go all out. Buy the textbooks, get a Greek keyboard and keyboard set up, download Greek New Testament being read, and perhaps most importantly, buy a Greek New Testament.

I thought to myself, “what is the point of studying Greek if I have no motivating and accessible medium in which to read it?”. So I looked into Greek New Testaments. There are a number of good options out there, but I decided to go with Crossway’s. Here’s a few reasons why I’m so glad I did.

  1. Font. If you do some searching online, the choice of font is a controversial issue. For example, Zondervan’s much more affordable and very popular Greek NT has an unpopular font that many criticize. This font is beautiful and that aids in reading.
  2. Appearance. Clean page layout. Genuine leather cover. This is just a beautiful product all around.
  3. IMG_3069Assistance with uncommon words. Any less common words that appear 30 times or less in the NT are translated below. This is great for anyone learning Greek.
  4. Cost. The higher cost is probably the biggest issue for many, but I think this actually works in its advantage! Not only does the quality make up for the cost, and seeing a beautiful book on the shelf make one want to read it, but anyone who has audited a class knows that paying for something is a great motivator.

Learning Greek, as with any language, is a lot of work. But if you throw yourself into it then there are great payoffs. It’s harder to give up when you look at your beautiful Greek NT on the shelf and wish you could read it.

This Greek NT is like the carrot and string for me. Whenever I lose motivation I’ll pick up the Crossway Greek NT and remember it’s worth it. What better thing to invest effort in than being able to read God’s word?

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