As a blogger in the UK, I’ve had the unique adventure of tracking down which UK companies serve as distributors for US publishers. When I first started blogging I would sheepishly ask the US publisher if they would post all the way to the UK, or I would simply load up on books whenever we visited Tasha’s family in Washington. Then I began to discover that there are distributors in the UK who can issue review copies too; imagine my pleasure at this discovery!

Since I seem to be in a bit of a minority (British Christian blogger/reviewer in Biblical topics) I figured that sharing my discoveries might be useful to other bloggers here in the UK!

US Publisher >> UK Distributor

Baker >> Lion Hudson

Baker Academic >> SPCK

Brazos Press >> SPCK

Crossway >> IVP UK (sometimes)

Eerdmans >> Alban

HarperOne >> Kuperard

Hendrickson >> Alban


Kregel Academic >> Alban

Zondervan >> ?

If anyone wants to add to this list, please comment below!