Peanuts TheologyIn a post last year I wrote on why the theology student must stop studying theology; particularly why we must watch our lives, being on guard against the danger of studying God as a subject to know and not a Person to know.
What I didn’t do was take it to the next step by looking at the how aspect! Unfortunately, my planned follow-up post never happened and here we are in 2013.

Guard yourself!

Thankfully I am not alone in my concerns. Not that long ago theology student Joseph Rhea gave a few suggestions for how we can turn Theology, the study of a subject, into Thouology, a study of a real living God!

Here are his main suggestions, but I suggest you read the whole thing:

  • Set yourself in the gospel.
  • Meditate on the whole counsel of God.
  • Treat God as a person when you pray.
  • Immediately digest all theological learning into praise.
  • Discuss Thouology with others—especially those with a different theology than yours.

Joseph articulates each of his points in the whole article.