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Review: Hebrews (BTCP) by Thomas R. Schreiner

Hebrews Biblical Theology Christian ProclamationAs I sit down to write this review, I can hear the words ringing in my head,another commentary series?” Or maybe, “another review defending the existence of another commentary series?”. The answers to these questions are yes and yes. However, I admit I too have skepticism of my own when I hear of a new commentary series being launched, but in the case of the new Biblical Theology for Christian Proclamation series, and Thomas Schreiner’s flagship Hebrews commentary in particular, I can say that my hesitations were quickly dispelled.

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Schreiner on the Function of the Warnings in Hebrews

Tom SchreinerThe warning passages in Hebrews regularly come up in discussions over whether a believer can lose their salvation. The warning in Hebrews 6 in particular is a common talking point. However, interpretation of these passages throughout the centuries has not been unanimous. How are we to understand these warnings? Thomas Schreiner, author of a recent commentary on Hebrews in the Biblical Theology for Christian Proclamation series from B&H, recently addressed RTS Jackson on this very topic and I found his overview helpfully lucid and his proposed solution compelling.

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Review: The King in His Beauty by Thomas Schreiner

The King in His BeautyOften as we journey through the Bible we run across more unfamiliar passages than we would like to admit. Why is this story here? How is this passage relevant to the story of salvation? Or maybe we have this attitude towards entire books. What purpose does Lamentations, or even Isaiah, serve? Even many older Christians haven’t given this much thought, though we may be good at finding our favourite books, chapters, or verses. Putting the whole Bible together to see where everything fits is both exciting and daunting so we often need help in understanding the story and flow, and this brings me to Thomas Schreiner’s The King in His Beauty: A Biblical Theology of the Old and New Testaments. For Schreiner, “Scripture unfolds the story of the kingdom, and God’s glory is the reason for the story.” (xiii, emphasis italicized in original). Schreiner uses the kingdom as a motif throughout this book, seeing a threefold focus of God’s rule, our role within His kingdom, and creation as the place where His kingship is worked out (xv). Schreiner desires that this will be a book that is “understandable for college students, laypersons, seminary students, and pastors” (x). This is a book for you!

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How I’m Studying Romans

I mentioned earlier that I’m studying Romans, Biblical Greek, and the Law as my digital seminary topics for now. I thought I would share how I’m approaching each of these for anyone interested in doing something similar.

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Believer’s Baptism (Schreiner & Wright)

Believer's BaptismAs you may know, we had our first daughter in January. What a wild ride that has been! Her presence has been a delight to us but has also raised important questions that we never before thought through. Questions like disciplinary approach, homeschooling vs public schooling, and the degree and timing of her exposure to wider culture. Most of these don’t have to be answered immediately, but this is not so for the question of baptism. Should we follow the practice of many Christians in the past (and present) and baptise her as an infant, since she is a child of new covenant members? Or should we wait until she has professed faith? Being raised in the Calvary Chapel movement, I have always held to believer’s baptism, but had I truly considered the alternative view? Not only that, but why do I hold to believer’s baptism?

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August Review Books from B&H

B&H Review BooksWe’re in Washington visiting my in-laws and that means, among other things, “time to get some books!” I was interested in reading two in the NAC Studies in Bible & Theology series, Believer’s Baptism and The End of the Law, so I requested review copies from B&H. You can imagine my surprise at seeing a rather large box with all these unexpected books inside!

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