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Psalmcast S02E01: Songs of the End Times

Is the Psalter merely a collection of ancient worship songs? If that is so, why have most Jews and Christians throughout history interpreted the Psalms as prophetic?

Psalmcast #S01E01: Psalms vs. Psalter

What’s in a name? When it comes to the Psalms, a lot! How we think about the Psalms impacts the way in which we read.

Review: Psalms by the Day by Alec Motyer

Motyer Psalms by the Day“Quiet times”. For some, the term may be fluffy and unintelligible Christianeze. Or perhaps it provokes a pang of guilt for a neglected New Year resolution. For others, though, quiet time is a helpful and even crucial part of their day. For myself, neither regular study nor teaching can substitute my need for open-hearted prayer and Bible reading. Resources like Bible reading plans or the infamous “devotional” can provide helpful guidance or freshness. However, devotionals are often less interested in leading the reader to the rich springs of Scripture and more with jolting them with a sugary soda rush with which to start the day. What if a devotional were concerned with increasing Biblical literacy? Psalms by the Day: A New Devotional Translation by seasoned scholar Alec Motyer fills this very gap. This is a “devotional translation” that draws from Motyer’s fruitful career of scholarship in service of the church.

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Psalm 2:6 and the Transformation of Zion

n_jerusalemAll Christians agree that Jesus fulfills the expectations of Psalm 2, but it’s debated if this reign has already begun or whether it entirely awaits His return. Much hinges on how one interprets NT quotations and allusions to Psalm 2 (e.g. Mk 1:11; Acts 13:33), although this does not exhaust the discussion. Other related texts and concepts help shed light on the question. One concept is that of Zion.

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The Psalter: Greatest Hits or Concept Album?

Are you a shuffle person or an album person? Do you prefer “greatest hits” or the “album experience?” Do you prefer Beatles’ #1 or Sgt Pepper?

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Review: The Songs of Ascents by David C. Mitchell

The_Songs_of_Ascents_CoverDavid C. Mitchell is a Biblical scholar, archaeomusicologist and the author of the influential The Message of the Psalter released back in 1997. In The Songs of Ascents, he applies these skills to create a fresh and novel study on Psalms 120-134. Though he calls it a “commentary”, one soon recognizes a book that surpasses expectations from this label by encompassing ancient Israelite worship. If this still sounds too narrow or abstract, let me spoil the ending: this would have been a strong contender for my favourite book of 2015 if I had read it before the end of the year.

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