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How I’m Studying Romans

I mentioned earlier that I’m studying Romans, Biblical Greek, and the Law as my digital seminary topics for now. I thought I would share how I’m approaching each of these for anyone interested in doing something similar.

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September Review Books

I’m going to be focusing my reviews for the next months on Romans and the Law, so here are the books I received from Lutterworth Press and IVP UK.

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My Digital Seminary is a Go!

In September I quit my day job and went full-time as staff at Calvary Chapel Bible College York. This has been like a dream come true. I am at the campus daily, have more interaction/discipleship with students, have far more time to study, and my study is more focused since I’m not starting it already burned out from a day’s work.

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Studying Romans with Schreiner, Moo, and…

Schreiner RomansThis wonderful book just arrived in the mail yesterday for review, thanks to SPCK Publishing! This is Tom Schreiner’s Romans commentary in the excellent BECNT series.

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Free Doug Moo Romans course

Doug MooBiblical Training has recently put up a free course on Romans by New Testament Scholar Dr. Douglas Moo. Moo’s 1996 commentary is considered one of the best – quite a feat for such a popular book for commentators.

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