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Tag: Old Testament

Psalmcast S01E03: Jesus’ Bible

Context is king; so too for the Psalter. How is Jesus’ Bible different to our Old Testaments today, and what does this mean for the Psalter?

Review: Dominion and Dynasty by Stephen Dempster

Dominion and Dynasty DempsterIs the Old Testament just a collection of loosely related books? Or is it fair to consider it a ‘book’ in its own right, with discernible plot, characters, and recurring themes tying together the individual ‘books’? In Dominion and Dynasty Stephen Dempster attempts to illustrate the latter, believing that, “the Hebrew Bible, despite being composed of many texts, is not for that reason precluded from being a Text” (21). Seeing the OT canon as a carefully composed Text, Dempster attempts to read it in a literary manner, emphasizing the unity. A unique element in this book is Dempster’s reliance on the Hebrew canonical order, rather than the one we find in our English Bibles today. He holds that this is how the OT would have appeared to Jesus (36), and therefore it is important for us to see it as He did.

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Did Old Testament Believers have the Holy Spirit?

A complex of questions I’ve often pondered: did Old Testament believers have the Holy Spirit?, what experience did they have, and how does that relate to us now?

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The Book of Job

It appears certain that I’ll be teaching a class on the Book of Job in the Fall. God has provided some wonderful resources for me in my study. Some were gifts (thank you!), some were bargians at Book Aid and the others are owned by the Bible College. I know that I’ll be using them all.

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