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Tag: Hermeneutics

Review of Martin Luther and the Rule of Faith: Reading God’s Word for God’s People (New Explorations in Theology)

Luther was no stranger to conflict. He found himself at odds with the Roman Church and other reformers. How did he navigate this struggle? Luther said “here I stand”—upon the word. But when God’s word itself is the battlefield, how did he distinguish friend from foe? Did trust in his own interpretation? Was Luther merely a more accurate interpreter? Or perhaps a louder and more bullish one?

Psalmcast S02E05: Reading Like Apostles

How did the Apostles see Jesus in the OT? The answer is in Peter’s foundational sermon in Acts 2.

The Typology Train

I’ve been thinking of an illustration to help explain typology. I would like to trial it out here and appreciate all feedback!

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Continuity and Discontinuity #3: Hermeneutics

Continuity and DiscontinuityThis is part three of an ongoing review of Continuity and Discontinuity edited by John S. Feinberg and published by Crossway. Read part one or part two.

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