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Father Hunger

Father HungerRemember John Eldredge’s Wild at Heart? I first picked up the book when I was in my final year of high-school, and while the majority of the book has disappeared from my memory – along with the majority of my high-school experience, thankfully – I do remember being stimulated by his call to be a Godly man. Despite (or due to?) having grown up in the church, a robust vision of Christian masculinity had mostly escaped me; instead, Jesus and His followers should above all things be nice. I longed to know what it meant to be a man created in God’s image.

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Doug Wilson Interview re: Bloomington

John Starke over at The Gospel Coalition, just conducted an interview with Doug Wilson regarding his experience (suprises, regrets, desires) speaking at Bloomington. For more on that event, check my post here: ‘Doug Wilson and the Tolerance Mob’.

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Doug Wilson and the “tolerance mob”

Pastor Doug Wilson recently spoke at Bloomington, Indiana about Biblical sexuality. I know he expected opposition, but I don’t know if anyone could have anticipated quite the response he received:

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