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Tag: Christ Crucified

Review: Christ Crucified by Donald Macleod

We can never think too frequently on the gift of our salvation and the sacrifice Jesus undertook to accomplish it. I suspect this is why Donald Macleod offers no justification for the existence of Christ Crucified, despite it being perhaps “yet another” book on the topic. We need to constantly meditate on Jesus and His work, and a reminder to do so is not unwelcome. However, why not just pick up an old classic book on the cross? Is Macleod offering something unique in Christ Crucified?

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August Review Books

August 2014 Review booksIn a reckless display, I have requested more review books. I know, it seems out of hand, right? Well, in my defense, I am hitting on all these subjects this semester in my Christ and the Cross class, so I need these books…

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