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Tag: A New Testament Biblical Theology

Best Books of 2015

Best Reads From 2015

As with last year, I’m won’t restrict myself to books released in 2015 since there are plenty of important books from this year that I haven’t (yet) read. So this is no attempt for inspired list of “best” books of 2015, and the age of a book alone shouldn’t determine it’s quality anyway. No, this is a subjective list of books – in no particular order – that impacted me most this year, and a little on why.

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Watch me fail my 2013 reading goal

This is going to be a crazy year. With our first child Isa being born in January, lots of plans for this blog, an ever-busier day job, more discipleship at CCBCY and two new classes to prepare for and teach (Intro to Theology this semester, and my own project next semester hopefully), I’m going to have a lot to do!

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