This past semester at Calvary Chapel Bible College York I taught through the Psalms for the first time. I read broader and studied deeper than ever before. It felt as though every waking moment I was thinking of the Psalms in some way, and yet I have only just scratched the surface. Here are the most useful resources I came across.

Here is the outline of the two posts:

Books and Dissertations

Audio/Video and Journal Articles


The Bible Project video on the Psalms (link)

The Bible Project is consistently releasing videos of extremely high quality, and this is one of their most extensive. They did a great job of summarizing the canonical reading of the Psalms, especially the influence of Psalms 1-2. As always, this comes highly recommended.

Lectures on the Psalms by James Hely-Hutchinson (link)

Hely-Hutchinson gives great big-picture overviews of each Book of the Psalms. I continually found him confirming my own big-picture thoughts, which was encouraging! At the time, I didn’t realize he spoke on the Psalter on three separate occasions (2002, 2006 and 2015). I have only heard the 2002 lectures, but I can highly recommend them all.

Stirred by a Noble Theme lectures (link)

These lectures were transformed into a book, which I hope to track down eventually. Particularly helpful for me were the talks by Hely-Hutchinson, John Woodhouse, and David Peterson.

Sermons on the Psalms by Jim Hamilton (link)

Hamilton is the Professor of Biblical Theology at SBTS and pastor of Kenwood Baptist church, where these sermons are being preached. He is also going to provide the Psalms commentary for the new BTCP series from B&H (see my review of Schreiner’s Hebrews volume). Hamilton preaches these Psalms well individually, and also helps explain the literary structure and canonical placement. He reads the Psalms sequentially to great effect.

Timothy Raymond’s Recommendations at Credo Magazine (link)

At the risk of simply recommending everything Raymond does (though I haven’t heard Lawson’s lectures), I encourage readers to check out his list and other posts on commentaries too.

Journal Articles/Chapters

I have provided PDF links where possible. Many others can be found with a Galaxie subscription.

Anything good that I missed?