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The Structure of Romans: A Comparison of Commentaries

I thought it would be interesting to compare the different ways various commentaries structure Paul’s letter to the Romans. I’m only working with the commentaries I have access to, so this is not a comparison of the major commentaries by any means. Secondly, I’m only giving the basic outline; some commentaries have very detailed outlines but I’m just giving the big picture they present, or this post would become unwieldy very quickly! Then I’ll offer a few observations about the similarities and differences.

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How I’m Studying Romans

I mentioned earlier that I’m studying Romans, Biblical Greek, and the Law as my digital seminary topics for now. I thought I would share how I’m approaching each of these for anyone interested in doing something similar.

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Studying Romans with Schreiner, Moo, and…

Schreiner RomansThis wonderful book just arrived in the mail yesterday for review, thanks to SPCK Publishing! This is Tom Schreiner’s Romans commentary in the excellent BECNT series.

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New Plans for the Blog

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted an update. Here is the latest.

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Practices of Power #4: Life Under The Law

Practices of PowerWe are continuing our review of Practices of Power by Robert Ewusie Moses, an investigation of Paul’s teaching on the powers and principalities and the practices he advocates in response to them. We are turning now to Galatians and its discussions of bondage under the elements. Unlike the previous positive practices of power – baptism, Gospel preaching and church discipline – in Galatians we find Paul warning against a negative practice of power: living under the Law.

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Review of Martin Luther and the Rule of Faith: Reading God’s Word for God’s People (New Explorations in Theology)

Luther was no stranger to conflict. He found himself at odds with the Roman Church and other reformers. How did he navigate this struggle? Luther said “here I stand”—upon the word. But when God’s word itself is the battlefield, how did he distinguish friend from foe? Did trust in his own interpretation? Was Luther merely a more accurate interpreter? Or perhaps a louder and more bullish one?

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