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Is Romans the New Deuteronomy?

Marvin Pate Apostle of the Last DaysThere is no doubt that Deuteronomy profoundly shaped the theology of the apostle Paul. However, what if his most famous letter – Romans – is completely structured around Deuteronomy? This is exactly what C. Marvin Pate argues in his book Apostle of the Last Days (and his Romans commentary in Teach the Text Series). In his words, “the outline of Romans matches the covenant components of Deuteronomy” (p162). It’s as if Romans is the new Deuteronomy; as Deuteronomy was the document for the Israelite (Old) covenant, Romans would be the formal document for the New Covenant.

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Review: Grant Osborne, Romans (IVPNTC)

Grant Osborne RomansGrant Osborne is professor of New Testament at TEDS and a prolific commentator, offering well-received work on Revelation and Matthew, with Mark coming this year in the new Teach the Text series. His commentary for Romans in the IVP New Testament Commentary series (IVPNTC) is also very popular. Having just taught through Romans and worked through Osborne’s commentary, I can see why.

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Review: C. Marvin Pate, Romans (Teach The Text)

Marvin Pate RomansC. Marvin Pate has authored the Romans commentary for the new Teach the Text commentary series from Baker, a series that the editors have tailored for “the needs of pastors who teach the text on a weekly basis” (p vii). To reach this end it “utilizes the best of biblical scholarship but also presents the material in a clear, concise, attractive, and user-friendly format” (p vii). The goal for this series is clearly to assist one inĀ teaching the biblical text.

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Review: Craig Keener, Romans (New Covenant Commentary)

Keener Romans NCCCraig Keener is professor of New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary, a human encyclopedia of ancient literature and an all-around fascinating guy. He also writes epic commentaries, such as his 1,636 page commentary on John and his multi-volume work on Acts (vol 1. of the intro through Acts 2:47 is 1,104 pages!). This makes his 300 page commentary on Romans in the New Covenant Commentary series (NCCS) a bit of a surprise to say the least.

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Review: Thomas Schreiner, Romans (BECNT)

Schreiner Romans BECNTThomas Schreiner is professor of New Testament Interpretation at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, pastor of Clifton Baptist church in Louisville, Kentucky, and author of many well-received books. For some, his commentary for Romans will need no introduction as it is over a decade old now and very popular; in that case, I am writing to you by way of reminder (Rom 15:15)! For others, it is my joy to introduce and recommend this work to you.

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Why Choose Abraham for Romans 4?

Romans ArcRomans 4 is about Abraham and how his saving faith is a paradigm for our own saving faith. But why choose Abraham? Why not Moses, David, Zechariah, Joshua, or any of the other faithful men of God in the OT? Why Abraham?

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