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Psalmcast S02E03: Mechanics of Fulfillment (Pt 1)

If the Psalms are indeed prophetic, How do we “Do the math” to get from Psalms to Christ? In this episode: Two examples of getting it wrong

Psalmcast S02E02: David, the Prophet

What does it mean that David was a prophet, and how ought that change the way we think of the Psalter?

Psalmcast S02E01: Songs of the End Times

Is the Psalter merely a collection of ancient worship songs? If that is so, why have most Jews and Christians throughout history interpreted the Psalms as prophetic?

Podcasting and Patreon

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Psalmcast S01E03: Jesus’ Bible

Context is king; so too for the Psalter. How is Jesus’ Bible different to our Old Testaments today, and what does this mean for the Psalter?

Psalmcast S01E02: The Psalter’s Intelligent Design

The Psalter is not simply Israel’s greatest hits on shuffle, it’s more like the first concept album. Here are 10 evidences of its intelligent design.