Since the Spring Bible College semester finished on Friday, I’m going to focus in the next weeks to wrap up my review books before we visit the States in August. Some reviews are written and scheduled, and I’ve begun reading the remaining books. I hope to review Driscoll’s Doctrine¬†and three books from the Zondervan Counterpoint series that we used in Theology class this semester at CCBCY.

While I have plenty enough to read as it is, I just had to snatch up three books. One from IVP and the other two Netgalley.

The God Who Became HumanThe God Who Became Human – Graham Cole

It’s always worth paying attention with the release of a new book in the New Studies in Biblical Theology series. Cole’s study on the incarnation in the Old and New Testaments is particularly interesting to me since I’m preparing to teach a class on Christological and Soteriological themes next semester at CCBCY. Expect a review soon as I’ve been tearing through this one since I got it.






What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Qur'anWhat Every Christian Needs to Know About the Qur’an – James White

James White is a Christian apologist and has been studying Islam for a number of years now. He has devoted himself to studying Islam, reading primary sources, learning Arabic, etc. Since I live in the UK, where we have a large Muslim population, I want to better understand them and their beliefs. For these reasons I expect this to be a good read.






Seven Events that Shaped the New Testament WorldSeven Events That Shaped the New Testament World by Warren Carter

This is a short (162 pages) introduction to the New Testament world. I like the fact that it’s broken down into seven events; I think this will be a helpful way to memorize and grasp the info, so I couldn’t really pass this up either.

I haven’t begun to read either yet, but you can expect reviews in the next few months.

Many thanks to Bethany House, Baker and Netgalley for providing these books to review!


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