My Digital Seminary is two and a half months old. This is quite surprising since it feels older, yet with all the ideas kicking around my head I also feel like I’ve hardly begun to scratch the surface of what I want this blog to be!

With a few months behind us, I think now would be a good time to explain my intention for the blog and summarise some of my future plans.


Purpose of the blog

The original purpose of this blog was two-fold: to provide myself an outlet for my personal studies in the Word and to hopefully bless others through sharing my thoughts and discoveries. I also began providing resources for those who, like myself, want to study on a budget. In the future I want the blog to continue in these areas, and especially providing more original content.


Future of the blog

As a Bible College teacher with an additional job, my plans may take time to realise. All the same, here are some of my ideas for the future. If any of these seem particularly interesting, please comment and I’ll try to focus on them sooner!

  • More book interactions. This includes overviews, reviews and posts inspired by books. I’m particularly excited about providing overviews for people like myself, who research books and want to know the theme and topic of a particular book before they read any reviews.
  • The book of Job. I’m not teaching the book of Job this semester after all, as I didn’t feel I was quite ready. This has put some of the Job posts on hold, though I do intend to engage with it more as I prepare to teach it in the future.
  • Philippians and Colossians. I’ll be teaching Philippians and Colossians again this semester, and I’m very excited about it. I have so much that I want to post about those books, so be on the look out for that!
  • Wider Culture. I hope to engage more with music, movies, and wider culture from a Biblical worldview. I am not aware of many resources for discussing the worldview in music, other than sites that aim to warn parents about bands their children may be listening to. Hopefully I can help fill that gap a little.
  • Scholar overviews. I’d quite like to provide a little overview on various Biblical scholars and theologians to introduce their work to a wider audience and provide some free resources where I can.
  • More free resources. I hope to provide Commentary overviews, more free seminary classes, MP3s, articles, etc. My hope is that this blog will become a quality resource haven.

With all that said, I should probably just start working on some more posts!