God's Glory in Salvation Through JudgmentHave you ever heard the charge that Jesus’s followers changed His message? Or made Him out to be someone He didn’t claim to be? Or that Paul preached a different message to Jesus’s early followers and is single-handedly responsible for Christianity today (not the magazine)? Well, there are great defenses against those claims, but here is a piece of the puzzle.

I’ve been working my way – slowly but steadily – through James Hamilton’s huge God’s Glory in Salvation Through Judgment and have to say that his tables and diagrams are particularly helpful.

This info is gathered from one of his tables.

The Old Testament is fulfilled in Jesus.

  • Jesus: Luke 4:16-22 and 24:25-27
  • Peter: Acts 2:22-28 (all of Acts 2-3 is relevant)
  • Paul: Acts 13, 17

Casting out unclean spirits

  • Jesus: Luke 4:31-37
  • Peter: Acts 5:16
  • Paul: Acts 16:16-18

Healing the lame

  • Jesus: Luke 6:6-11
  • Peter: Acts 3:1-10
  • Paul: Acts 14:8-10

Raising the dead

  • Jesus: Luke 7:11-17
  • Peter: Acts 9:36-43
  • Paul: Acts 20:7-12

Unknown touch, shadow, cloth

  • Jesus: Luke 8:42-48
  • Peter: Acts 5:15
  • Paul: Acts 19:11-12

So in Luke-Acts we see that Luke clearly portrayed Peter and Paul as preaching Jesus’s message and following His example.

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