The Dispensational Premillennial view is possibly the most popular Eschatological view today (though not necessarily so here in the UK). In my teen years I devoured a variety of books and teachings, especially Chuck Missler’s teachings on Revelation and Daniel, and was very familiar with the traditional Dispensational end-time scenario. However, more recently I’ve become more wary of this understanding mostly due to not seeing these events very clearly in my own Bible study and finding myself in conflict with some of the foundations to the Dispensational system.

So, being absolutely insane by asking for a potential lifelong headache, I figured it was time to re-evaluate my Eschatology from scratch. I’ve been looking into all the Eschatological views and will post resources as I find them. I’ll begin with Historic Premillennialism, which is a different understanding to Dispensational Premillennialism.

All resources are free unless marked with $/£

  • International Conference on Historic Premillennialism (MP3) at Denver Seminary. The speeches by Dr. Blomberg summarising the alternate views are very helpful.
  • Dr. Jim Hamilton preaching through Revelation at Kenwood Baptist Church. Also see his blog and this interview with Denny Burk on his Revelation commentary.
  • An Evening of Eschatology (video), hosted by Desiring God. Includes Dr. Hamilton, Sam Storms (Amill), and Doug Wilson (Postmill). This video doesn’t systematically cover every base, but it is very interesting and gets the ball rolling for all kinds of discussion and contemplation
  • Dr. Tom Schreiner’s Revelation sermon series at Clifton Baptist Church. Dr. Schreiner began this series as an Amillennial and changed his view in studying Revelation 20. His teaching of Revelation would be quite foreign to anyone only familiar with the Dispensational understanding as he approaches the text from a different angle.
  • A panel discussion (audio) with Dr. Schreiner discussing his change to Premillennialism.
  • The Case for the Posttribulation Rapture Position by Doug Moo (PDF, right-click to save) from the Zondervan Counterpoints book.
  • The Blessed Hope: A Biblical Study of the Second Advent and the Rapture by George Ladd. (Amazon, £/$). A classic book articulating the Historic Premill view.
  • A Case for Historic Premillennialism: An Alternative to Left Behind Eschatology edited by Craig Blomberg and Sung Wook Chung. (Amazon, £/$). A good introduction into various aspects of Historic Premill.

If anyone has any more recommended resources, please share them in the comments below.