Well, I’ve read a number of books over Christmas and therefore have a lot of reviews to write; in addition I have three book giveaways to host! The latter is a new and exciting experience for me.

So I’m a bit backed up and need some help; here’s what we’ve got:


  • Jonathan Pennington’s Reading the Gospel’s Wisely
  • Michael Reeves The Good God (known as Delighting in the Trinity in the USA)
  • John Frame’s The Doctrine of God
  • Bruce Ware’s The Man Christ Jesus
  • Gordon Fee’s Philippians commentary (NICNT)
  • Doug Moo’s Colossians commentary (Pillar)
  • Michael Bird’s Colossians commentary (NCC)

These first two will go up with their respective reviews:

  • Bruce Ware’s The Man Christ Jesus
  • Michael Reeves The Good God
  • G.K. Beale’s The Temple and the Church’s Mission


I need a little help deciding which to do first, so please leave a comment below with your preference!