In September I quit my day job and went full-time as staff at Calvary Chapel Bible College York. This has been like a dream come true. I am at the campus daily, have more interaction/discipleship with students, have far more time to study, and my study is more focused since I’m not starting it already burned out from a day’s work.

Another exciting aspect of going full-time is that I am able to devote much more time to my own personal study, that is, my digital seminary (hey that’s the name of the blog!). Since for various reasons I can’t attend a seminary, I am doing it myself through books and free resources.

I’m teaching a class of my own making (called Christ and the Cross), Introduction to Theology again and taking on the CCBCY website, so I didn’t want to over task myself; I decided to limit my digital seminary to three (hefty) topics:

  • Biblical Greek
  • Paul’s Letter to the Romans
  • The Law in the NT

I have materials that I am working through, and will be blogging about it all as a bit of an outlet. In the near future, I’ll share how I’m approaching each these ‘classes’.

As always with this blog, my hope is that through my own studies I will a) have an outlet to share what I learn, b) provide resources and reviews for those with similar passions and interests as myself, c) allow profound truths be reached by Christians who may not have the time or desire to dig as deeply as me, d) bring glory to God!