A complex of questions I’ve often pondered: did Old Testament believers have the Holy Spirit?, what experience did they have, and how does that relate to us now?

There are different answers to this question from different people, but one approach that I think is quite helpful and Biblically grounded is Jim Hamilton’s.

Resources from Jim Hamilton on the Holy Spirit

Earlier this year Dr. Hamilton taught 5 messages on the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit. I’ve listened to the first few messages so far and they’re very helpful in getting an understanding.

Here’s a list of the messages (which have both audio and video):

  • Session 1 – The Holy Spirit and Old Covenant Believers
  • Session 2 – The Promise of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament
  • Session 3 – The Holy Spirit in John
  • Session 4 – The Holy Spirit in Acts
  • Session 5 – The Holy Spirit in Romans
  • Questions & Answers Session

Jim has also written an article in Themelios about the topic: Were Old Covenant Believers Indwelt by the Holy Spirit? [PDF] and you may want to check out an entire book that he wrote on the topic: God’s Indwelling Presence: The Holy Spirit in the Old and New Testaments.

Jim Hamilton is professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (more here) and also pastor of Kenwood Baptist Church. He blogs at www.jimhamilton.info.